New Play-to-Earn Crypto Presale Meta Masters Guild Raises $30k Within Minutes of Launch

New Play-to-Earn Crypto Presale Meta Masters Guild Raises $30k Within Minutes of Launch

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) has launched a brand new crypto presale, offering its native token $MEMAG. This gaming guild is on a mission to be the world’s first mobile-focused ecosystem offering a single currency across all titles.

$MEMAG tokens are available at $0.007 during the first stage and progressively increase throughout the remainder of the presale.

The total supply of tokens is 1 billion. MEMAG has allocated only 10% of the capped supply to exchange liquidity. Investors who miss out on the presale will need to compete with the rest of the market on exchanges.

The next stage of the presale increases the coin’s value to $0.01, meaning now is the time to purchase tokens at the lowest price.

MEMAG has distinguished itself from other play-to-earn game platforms by placing heavy focus on an ecosystem that provides play and earn games that gamers will enjoy playing.

Many gamers enjoy P2E games initially but quickly lose interest because the games lack originality and an element of addiction.

This ecosystem will consist of multiple fun games that players will want to play over and over again because of the high level of engagement that has been incorporated into the games.

Players sustain the ecosystem and benefit by earning more reward tokens the more they play.

An important part of the MEMAG ecosystem is the true ownership of the in-game rewards. Reward tokens known as Gems are distributed to players for participation and victories across all the games on the platform.

Players have the option of converting Gems into $MEMAG tokens and exchanging them into some of the best cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. The participation and victory reward model ensures that players are incentivized to spend prolonged periods on the games MEMAG hosts.

Reinvesting Gems into the game is also an option, enabling the purchase of NFTs. MEMAG enables investors to immediately put their purchased tokens into staking, enabling them to earn a passive income or to use them as payment for the NFTs.

MEMAG will offer rewards to high-performing players and also host community giveaways, providing $MEMAG and in-game NFTs.

This ecosystem’s partners will be rewarded for featuring their game concepts on this platform. MEMAG supports eSports teams and content creators that market the ecosystem’s games. Long-term partnerships will be formed with such parties through deals that benefit everyone.

MEMAG games will be available to mobile gamers and feature initial projects such as Meta Kart Racers, Raid NFTs and Meta Masters World.

Meta Kart Racers is currently in early-round development. It will enable play-verses-play mode in the Meta Kart Championship, requiring players to escape evil Meta overlords while competing with each other. Rewards are offered for track performance, resource collection and player-driven upgrade cycle.

Raid NFT is a fighting game enabling players to select various warriors that will battle it out in hostile environments. Gems are earned for progressing throughout the game and winning challenges. Players can also compete with each other or test their skills in the arena.

MEMAG will offer special items, which will upgrade the characters and make them more powerful. The more upgrades received, the higher chance a player has of victory.

Meta Masters World is the third game featured on this platform and currently in the concept stage. This metaverse game will enable players to explore a virtual world that provides them with full autonomy, as well as resource collection and access to competitions.

All of the games on this platform will be rewarded with Gems, and $MEMAG tokens are used for purchases. MEMAG has imposed a 5% NFT royalty fee and a 3% token trading fee.

As the $MEMAG token progresses through the different stages of its presale, its value increases.

Investors wishing to own an appreciating asset can buy MEMAG tokens now and benefit as the value increases to $0.01 in the second stage — a 43% value increase from the current price of $0.007.

But $MEMAG appreciates even further throughout the remainder of the presale. The third stage increases the coin’s value to $0.013.

By the time Meta Masters Guild enters the seventh and final stage of its presale, $MEMAG will be priced at $0.023.

MEMAG has a capped supply of 1 billion tokens. It has allocated 35% to the presale. After the presale ends, $MEMAG tokens will be listed on exchanges.

This play and earn ecosystem has allocated only 10% of the capped tokens to exchanges. The rest of the market will become acquainted with this project and will rush to scoop up the remaining tokens.

That means investors who missed the presale will have to buy $MEMAG tokens at higher prices on exchanges because demand is likely to push up the price.

Meta Masters Guild’s aim is to take crypto and NFT gaming to the next level.

Gaming continues to surge in popularity, with mobile gaming the fastest-growing sector that presents countless strong opportunities for blockchain-powered projects.

People who have grown up with smartphones are looking to go beyond the traditional way of doing things, including when it comes to gaming.

MEMAG’s vision of playing, having fun, and maybe earning as well is a combination that will be appeal to many gamers and crypto investors.


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